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Sportswear Cleanser

Sportswear Cleanser


Sanitising and deodorising detergent. Its formula is ideal for:

  • acting on stains even at low temperatures
  • neutralising odours, especially sweat
  • regenerating garments by keeping the colours alive
  • protecting technical sports fabrics and maintaining their elasticity

How to use:

Check that the garments are compatible with washing in water. Can be used in the washing machine with a specific programme for sports or delicate items at a temperature not exceeding 40°C. For hand washing, dilute the product in lukewarm water, leaving the garments to soak for 30 minutes and rinsing thoroughly. Apply a few drops of product on the most stubborn stains, then follow by washing.


1 lt / 33,81 FL.OZ


CHEMICAL COMPOSITION (from Reg. 648/2004/EC): 5-15%, non-ionic surfactants, soap <5% anionic surfactants, perfume, hexylcinnamal.