Guaranteed reliability

Tested by international scientific research institutions and approved by professional cyclists, all BEND36 products are certified doping free, ensuring the absence of all substances banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).


The formulations of the BEND36 PRODUCTS came out from a strong collaboration between CNR and Cleys. In particular, BEND36’s cosmetic formulation have been analyzed by ISA-CNR, using in vitro tests that have validated the optimal concentration and effectiveness of the active ingredients for the specific cosmetic applications.

Cleys, the reliability and expertise of a large production company.

The BEND36 products are manufactured in Italy by Cleys, where Alessandro Rombelli is one of the owners and CEO: a long-established producer specialising in the cosmetic sector. Since 1965, it has been able to evolve and improve, and has been awarded a number of certifications, including: ISO 9001, ISO 22716, IFS and ICEA COSMOS NATURAL and ORGANIC.

Within this company, which is consolidated in a national and international context, the marketing department and the innovation area work together to transform market trends and people’s needs into products with unique qualities and benefits.