Enhance your run with the right products.

Running is good. It’s not a secret! Some studies have even shown that it prolongs life. Sometimes, however, the simple runner activity is not enough to achieve the goals we have set ourselves. Many factors can affect our performance, causing us to lose confidence in all the good things we have done, to the point of making us give up on our intentions.

Here are some tips to improve your runner performance with the right products.

1) Running speeds up the metabolism and makes you lose weight.
Running is an excellent solution to burn fat, running at both high and low intensity. The skin, however, remains more compact and above all toned, if you integrate your activity with Toning Gel, a gel that tones and slims the critical areas of the body, such as the abdomen, hips and legs. Massaged before and after the run, it helps to eliminate localized and liquid adiposities.

2) The formation of lactic acid.
Often the race can be interrupted by intense cramp. Pro Endurance Gel, created to delay the formation of lactic acid, helps the oxygenation of the muscle during exercise in order to prolong the duration and intensity of your workout.

3) Choose the appropriate clothing is essential but not all…
When physical activity, combined with heat, sweat and rubbing causes redness of the skin in areas of contact with technical clothing (groin, armpits, nipples), the solution is Relief Gel. It is a soothing repairing gel to be applied after running on abrasions, to alleviate redness and slight damage to the skin even in sensitive areas, being free of perfumes and alcohol.

4) Running causes leg pain.
Of course, the motto of many runners is “No pain, no gain!” That’s why at the end of the run it is good to use products that help muscle recovery like Light Legs, a gel that gives an instant feeling of lightness to tired legs, promoting microcirculation and eliminating swelling and fluids.
You will find many difficulties along your route as a runner, but keep in mind that most could be overcome with the right product to take with you!