What pro cyclists do on a GT rest day?

Cycling? Sleeping? Watching TV? How is the typical rest day of a pro rider during a GT?
The first important difference compared to the other race days is that the alarm in the morning is finally free. The rest day is dedicated to a relaxing workout, to massages, there is also time for a nap, and the recognition of the next stage.

After a big block of races, riders obviously need a physical and mental recover.
Physically, the rest day means day off. Riders spent it with one hour low-intensity easy ride, usually in the morning. It can’t miss the coffee break with teammates, a long break that can help the team building for the following stages.

Riders also make sure to stock up on sleep in the afternoon, at least one hour, and some high-quality foods not containing rice! An easy day is going to look different for different athletes but in general there should be a big reduction in intensity and a moderate reduction in total volume.

Riders enjoy long massages sessions and stretching their legs. Furthermore Trek-Segafredo riders had at their disposal at Giro d’Italia Bend36 Light Legs Gel too, ideal for post-sport use to promote the muscle relaxation. To be suggested also as a daily deflating treatment, it gives a beneficial effect. A GT is very stressful for the body and the sensitive areas, so another Bend36 products, the Relief Gel, helps riders to soothe redness, irritation and pain.

Mentally, riders want to pack in some quality time with their families and girlfriends, puppies and friends. Someone grants to questions from the journalists too.
Obviously the password for the rest day is RELAX. The length of an intense period of racing will have a big effect on mental recovery demands. Until the day after, when rider are ready to back to work for another stage.

Edited by Bend36 Staff