The journey that changed my life.

My dad used to have wind surf boards in the garden. I saw him rising boards and sails often with the hose when I was kid. I tried stepped on them and pretended I knew how to be a sportsman. Then one day, I was about 8 years old when he took me to the beach with one of those giant old wind surf boards. He pushed me to catch a wave and I did it. Since then I always wanted to go back to the beach and stand up in whatever I had at my disposal.



I kept going on my own, until now. Surfing has taken me to my happiest moments in life.

Adventures, love stories, unplanned trips, fear, problems, joy, excitement, peace, passion. I can’t live without surfing. I can’t live without the sea. There is everything I need in the water. I feel calm when I´m close to it. I feel bad if I´m far away from the beach. It´s like an obsession for water, a very jealous relationship. Can’t live without it and feel jealous if somebody else is enjoying it when I´m not.



Cycling and surfing has been such a passion for me that I decided to go on a trip my own. Cycling and surfing the perimeter of New Zealand.

I had a job and a girlfriend at that time into my mind …9,000 km in 10 months. A Youtube video every Monday. A picture every day.

It wasn´t easy; I knew things could go wrong but I had such a strong passion for cycling and surfing that I decided to do it.



The New Zealand trip was really self-revealing, tough, beautiful, enriching and destructive. A fucking intense experience. The way I meet people, the way I felt alone, the way I cried in the mornings, the way I suffered on my own, the way I cycled empty roads on my own; I was feeling scared, happy, lonely, beautiful.

Cycling and surfing took me to discover the other side of the world. But it also made me as back and readapt to a regular life. It wasn’t easy to understand day to day life after having been almost a year living practically on the bush. The only goal was to reach next destination. Keep going. Keep pedalling. Search for waves. Keep pedalling.

When you like back goals change and one has to readapt to stay calm.

Anyway I have to admit that part of what I am, part of my personality, has build up after experiences like that one.