Luca Facchinetti, farewell to triathlon.

“It is never easy to let people get the horde of crazy emotions that triathlon gave me, a sport that is true has given me so much, but has also asked me a lot.

I think the beauty of triathlon is just that. Nothing comes by chance, every result is the result of months if not years of work, of sacrifices, of sweat. And that’s why when you reach your goal, satisfaction is so great, because it’s the result of an intense journey that not only makes you grow as an athlete but also as a man. It really is a school of life and I feel grateful and honored for the chance I had of being able to do this extraordinary journey.

The triathlon are not just hours of training, now that I’m sitting in front of a desk and not on a saddle, when I think back to the past, my mind doesn’t remember the fatigue, the pain, the days when I was in pieces, but there are only the beautiful memories I shared with my training partners, with my family, my coaches and also with my wife with whom I had the great fortune of sharing this sport.

Triathlon allows you to really get to know so many fantastic people, to interact with an environment that is a little outside of the reality of the modern world and above all allows you to travel, to see the world, to learn.

I find myself at the age of 31 not knowing how to do any kind of work, but I have an experience and a wealth of information, of skills, which I am convinced that they can really bring me wherever I want to go.

This gives you the sport, this what triathlon gave it to me and for nothing in the world I will regret even one moment of this crazy story that I have just finished writing and that I will be able to tell with great pride and gratitude.

A special thanks to the people who accompanied me on this journey; to the Triathlon, my biggest and most exciting challenge; to the Life that is teaching me now that it is not over, a new and equally stimulating beginning is coming; and in the end thanks to Myself for having tried with all my strength, until the end, living my great dream every day.”

Luca Facchinetti